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Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

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🌟 Introducing the Dusty Ole Shop Smart Sweeping Robot Portable Vacuum Cleaner! 🌟 Keep your space spick and span with this creative and practical desktop vacuum cleaner. πŸ€–βœ¨

Tired of struggling to clean those tricky desk corners? Say goodbye to foreign objects, hair, and pet hair lurking in your keyboard crevices. This mini vacuum cleaner is your go-to solution for desktop paper shavings, eraser mud, pencil confetti, and even car dust! πŸ–₯οΈπŸš—

Practical functions? We've got them covered! Easily suck away paper dust and debris with 360-degree rising wind direction, strong suction, and stylish spiral blades – all in a compact, stylish package. πŸŒͺοΈπŸ’¨

Our intelligent chip core control ensures efficient performance, and the material upgrade provides anti-collision protection for your peace of mind. πŸ€–πŸ”’

Product Details:
🎨 Colors: White, Black
🌑️ Temperature control: None
πŸ“ Product size: 8*6.5cm
βš–οΈ Product weight: 130g
πŸ”‹ Working voltage: 2*1.5V AA battery (not included)
πŸ”Œ Working current: ≀800mA
πŸ”„ Working mode: Switch
⏰ Working time: Continuous about 90-150 minutes (depending on the battery)
πŸ“œ Executive standard: GB 4706.1-2005
πŸ” HS Code: 8508110000
πŸ’ͺ Suction power: β‰ˆ500pa
βœ… Existing certifications: CE/ROHS/FCC

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Dusty Ole Shop Smart Sweeping Robot – because cleanliness is just a switch away! πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ€– #dustyroadsc3 #dustyoleshop #SmartCleaning #MiniVacuum #DeskCleaner

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